S01 E01 - Welcome to the Decolonizing Medicine Podcast with Jamee Pineda

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
This is the inaugural episode of the Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. I'll be introducing myself, the work, and answering questions from community about this podcast. I'll also be highlighting No Justice No Pride. Please check out their work and show them some love. If you'd like to support this podcast via Patreon or for more informatio  ...  See more
May 26 2021

Mabuhay! You are listening to the Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. We will be exploring the intersection of decolonization and healing work with Black and Brown practitioners involved in a variety of modalities. I am your host, Jamee Pineda recording from Piscataway territory otherwise known as Baltimore, Maryland. My ancestry is mostly Tagalog and some Chinoy, but I was raised here on Turtle Island. I'm also a queer non-binary trans person and a practitioner of Hilot and Chinese medicine. During each episode I will be interviewing different healing practitioners, but since this is our very first episode, I've decided to tell you a little bit more about my background and also answer some questions that I've gotten from folks in my community through social media and also some othe

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