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"The Cast Patrol" with Mick, Age & Jimmy provides listeners with trending Cast news, terrible life advice and all the latest NRL, Horse Racing & Sports Talk. Each week they deep dive into controversial 'Play on or Penalty' scenarios and answer unrestricted listener questions. For more CAST content and daily betting tips, be sure to follow @TheCastPatrol on all social media platforms. BACK CAST, NEVER LAST. 

Podcast episodes

  • #032 - Up For The Cup

    #032 - Up For The CupExplicit

    It’s Man Flu Season and we have caught a severe case of it, showing signs of serious CAST symptoms. We discuss Australia’s dominance in world sports ranging from the FIFA World Cup to the heroics of the Wallabies. We argue about w...

  • #031 - Beginner's Luck

    #031 - Beginner's LuckExplicit

    Age reveals his crazy weekend in Melbourne including his plane ride home from hell. He explains how he helped his sister-in-law turn $50 into $1000. With the FIFA World Cup on in the background the boys go through their prediction...

  • #030 - King of Spin

    #030 - King of SpinExplicit

    The boys have rolled into the CAST studio this week following a big weekend of Age’s birthday celebrations! We recap the weekend that was including Age’s back-to-back birthday night outs and the introduction of the King Of Spin! J...

  • #029 - Pop It Like It's Peach

    #029 - Pop It Like It's PeachExplicit

    The boys are back for another week! We taste-test the notorious ‘Pop It Like It’s Peach’ from Cha Time thanks to Age’s recommendation.We recap the weekend that was including Mick getting both Anamoe & Nature Strip beat on the same...

  • #028 - Rolled

    #028 - RolledExplicit

    The boys are rolled post Melbourne Cup celebrations, Jimmy recounts his huge collect in the Cup and his night out in the town with Mick whilst Age describes his lameness and being crook all weekend. We preview the big weekend of s...