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  • Season 3

  • S3 E6 Guest: author William Keck

    S3 E6 Guest: author William Keck

    On this episode of The Bill Alexander Show, Bill talks with William Keck about his book "When You Step Upon A Star". When You Step Upon A Star: Cringeworthy Confessions of a Tabloid Bad Boy is a humorous, yet brutally honest-tell-all from a reformed National Enquirer bad boy who exposed celebrities' private lives while harboring deeply personal secrets of his own. Discover what inspired author WILLIAM KECK to infiltrate the off-limits realms of the Hollywood icons he grew up idolizing, and the invaluable life lessons learned along the way that ultimately guided him to protect and befriend the celebrities he'd once wronged. Filled with original celebrity-penned essays and over 150 photographs illustrating the author's decades of celebrity exposés and encounters.

  • S3 E5 Guests: authors Andrea Balis & Elizabeth Levy

    S3 E5 Guests: authors Andrea Balis & Elizabeth Levy

    On this episode Bill talks with Andrea Balis & Elizabeth Levy about their book Witch Hunt. A cutting-edge look into a pivotal moment in US history: McCarthy's infamous "witch hunt" for communists during the 1950's Red Scare. At the cusp of the Cold War, Americans were so afraid of communists living among them that they began to hunt them like witches. As Senator Joe McCarthy took up this mantle to hunt down “communists” in the US, citizens grew terrified of being accused, so they turned on each other - pointing fingers at neighbors, friends, and even family. Told through a unique and inviting screenplay-format, brought to life with dozens of illustrations by Tim Foley, and comprised almost entirely of quotes derived from primary sources, Witch Hunt recounts the political craze that gripped America during the Red Scare when McCarthyism forced people to go to extraordinary lengths to keep themselves and their families safe from persecution against their own government.

  • S3 E4. Guest actor Dean Butler

    S3 E4. Guest actor Dean Butler

    On this episode of the Bill Alexander Show, Bill talks with actor Dean Butler and his new book Prairie Man: My Little House Life and Beyond. An illuminating, insider’s journey through the world of Little House on the Prairie and beyond, from Dean Butler, who starred as Almanzo Wilder, the man Laura “Half Pint” Ingalls married—on the iconic show still beloved by millions of fans as it reaches its 50th anniversary. The warmth, heart, and decency that fans of Laura and Almanzo fell in love with on Little House echo through this uplifting memoir, a story, in Butler’s words, about “good luck, good television, and the very good—if gloriously imperfect—people who made it so.”

  • S3 E3 Guest: acting coach Jocelyn Jones

    S3 E3 Guest: acting coach Jocelyn Jones

    On this episode of The Bill Alexander Show, Bill talks with actress and acting coach Jocelyn Jones talks about her acting career, her life as an acting coach, and her new book "Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within". Jocelyn Jones is an actress who lives in Santa Monica, California. Born in New York City, Jones is the daughter of Tony Award-winning, actor Henry Jones. Jocelyn Jones was a child actress, debuting at age eleven in The Defenders. She later taught acting for over 15 years at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She established the Jocelyn Jones Acting Studio in 2009 where she teaches 100 select actors, directors and filmmakers. She also serves as a Creative Consultant to some of the biggest names in the industry. For more information go to her website --- Support this podcast:

  • S3 E2 Guest: Victoria Valentino

    S3 E2 Guest: Victoria Valentino

    On this episode The Bill Alexander Show, Bill talks with September 1963 Playmate Victoria Valentino about how her career path changed after becoming a Playmate. She talks about being a Bill Cosby (rape) Survivor. Her recording deal with Capitol Records in 1969, and the drowning of her 6-year-old son. Her book "Dirty Diamonds: The Repurposed Life of a Playboy Icon and Cosby Survivor" will be coming out soon.