The Unapologetic Podcast Explicit

by NIk and Garven

Two dudes one basement, a basement where talks happen, and two dudes who make the talks possible. 

Podcast episodes

  • E03 - Basement conversations pt 2

    E03 - Basement conversations pt 2Explicit

    We're finally back with another EP. We took a small hiatus but are now back and bringing some crazy basement talks your way. We hope you guys enjoy this one, and we'll have more coming out soon.

  • E02 - Basement Conversations

    E02 - Basement Conversations Explicit

    What's up, guys! We're back with another Ep, and this time we're snowed in, so grab a hot drink, make a fire and come chill with us.

  • E01 - EP #1 Food Tier List

    E01 - EP #1 Food Tier ListExplicit

    What's up, guys! We're back with another episode, and this time we've got new equipment, and we sound better in this EP; we go over a food tier list and give our opinions on what's top tier and what's trash. Hope yall enjoy it!~TB...