Tattered Tales Explicit

by Luke & Lillie Fischer

A perplexing anthology series from the mind of Joe Wakefield. We dive into stories of fantasy, science fiction, intrigue and the discovery of brave new worlds. Come join us on this old time radio show with a brand new twist. Brought to you by Ngano Press Studios.  
Comedy Fiction
Science Fiction

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E03 - The Hermit & The Automatons

    S02 E03 - The Hermit & The AutomatonsExplicit

    Tonight's episode is a story of an old man's regret and a final confession. Do the ends justify the means? And what if you were wrong? Enjoy.

    Apr 10 2021
    Apr 10 2021
  • S02 E02 - The Old Game

    S02 E02 - The Old Game

    If you had three wishes, would you make them wisely? The Old Game tells the story of Margaret, an extraordinary girl and the goblins whose lives are in her hands. This is a fantasy bedtime story for all ages.

    Mar 01 2021
    Mar 01 2021
  • S02 E01 - Four Levers

    S02 E01 - Four Levers

    The award winning writer Joe Wakefield takes us down a winding road of intrigue, suspense and chilling adventure. Joe's story will challenge you to think, "If you had the power to fix the world, but only four choices. What would y...

    Feb 24 2020
    Feb 24 2020