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Talking Filthy Podcast is about the mental and physical health of our men and women in blue or green police uniforms. Our coffee and convo is all about helping cops! No fancy podcast equipment, just some real talk in hopes to help cops and their mental health. We share perspectives, thoughts, ideas and experiences of those that have and still are serving as police officers . We are not health professionals but merely a conduit... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E44 - Basecamp For Veterans

    E44 - Basecamp For VeteransExplicit

    BaseCamp for Veterans, Inc. ("BCI") was founded by life-long friends Deborah Plum & Theo Windish, who each have experience in both the private and public sectors, and who have spent a significant portion of their professional ...

  • E43 - Chris Villanueva- Level The Playing Field For People in Crisis

    E43 - Chris Villanueva- Level The Playing Field For People in CrisisExplicit

    Chris walks us through his time as a US Marine and Colorado police officer (retired) working in an environment that is lacking training and resources to deal with people in crisis. Chris was part of a team that assembled a success...

  • E42 - Lt Col Dave Grossman

    E42 - Lt Col Dave Grossman

    This episodes guest is Lt. Col. Dave Grossman!Book Author, ON KILLING, ON COMBAT, ON SPIRITUAL COMBAT, ASSASSINATION GENERATION, and other books. We hit the topic of sleep deprivation and police work.Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, has fi...

  • E41 - Melissa's Heart Stopper

    E41 - Melissa's Heart Stopper

    He drops dead on the floor from a cardiac arrest. His wife Melissa performs CPR with the help of a responding police officer and they work together to save his life. Now there is a non profit program built by them to save more li...

  • E40 - Your Son Has Autism

    E40 - Your Son Has Autism

    The host of the show, Danimal gives you his perspective on his son's Autism in this two part series to promote April as Autism Awareness month. This is his account of his 21 year old son Koa, from birth to diagnosis and then his ...