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Thin Brewed Line Podcast is about the mental and physical health of our men and women in blue or green police uniforms. Our coffee and convo is all about helping cops! No fancy podcast equipment, just some real talk in hopes to help cops and their mental health. We share perspectives, thoughts, ideas and experiences of those that have and still are serving as police officers . We are not health professionals but merely a condu... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E48 - We Reap What We Sow

    E48 - We Reap What We SowExplicit

    Sgt John Kelly breaks down some of his 30 year career at Broward Co Sheriff's Office with Kurt and Dan. He says some really honest and profound things that are all too familiar with cops. John had a very distinguished career, "de...

  • E47 - Rock Stars, Drive By's and Cocaine

    E47 - Rock Stars, Drive By's and Cocaine Explicit

    On this week’s show, retired police sergeant glenn topping talks about his book “The Hurt,” which details a bar shooting and his appearances on some of the first COPS TV show episodes. His background is incredible. Florida Deputy...

  • E46 - Lt. Victor Dobro Owns This City

    E46 - Lt. Victor Dobro Owns This CityExplicit

    Lt Victor Dobor is a police Lt, actor, writer and Dodge Hellcat racer.He has 23 years of Law Enforcement experience in various specialty fields in addition to patrol such as School Resource, Auto Theft, Special Operations (S.W.A.T...

  • E45 - Knocking Demon Ltd

    E45 - Knocking Demon LtdExplicit

    Chris explains how policing abroad has its own unique concerns with officer health. From Chris: "I thought a career in the NZ Police was what I was cut out for.I wanted to make the world a better place.18 months into the job, a fe...

  • E44 - Basecamp For Veterans

    E44 - Basecamp For VeteransExplicit

    BaseCamp for Veterans, Inc. ("BCI") was founded by life-long friends Deborah Plum & Theo Windish, who each have experience in both the private and public sectors, and who have spent a significant portion of their professional live...