#37 - MVP Security Insights - Sanna Diana Tomren

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Episode notes

Welcome to the premiere episode of "Security MVP Insights," where we sit down with leading Microsoft Security MVPs from around the world to explore the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity. In this first episode, we are thrilled to feature Sanna Diana Tomren, a distinguished Microsoft Security MVP known for her extensive expertise and innovative approach to tackling cybersecurity challenges.

Join us as Sanna shares her journey in the field of cybersecurity, shedding light on the pressing global and local threats that organisations face today. We will delve into her expert perspectives on the latest trends in cybersecurity, discussing both current issues and future developments that professionals need to be aware of.

This episode contains:

0:00 Opening with the Intro

1:58 Sanna's introduction

2:44 Sanna's backgro ... 

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