From high-flying airline executives to peak health and performance

Takeoff with Wellnesstory by Wellnesstory

Episode notes
How did two high flying airline executives go on to found a health coaching business? Natasa Kazmer is the Co-Founder of one of the most successful airlines in Europe, Wizz Air. Jim Callaghan’s aviation career includes years as Head of Regulatory Affairs for Ryanair, and as General Counsel and at Etihad Airways. The airline industry connects the world and connects people. It’s competitive and dynamic, but crisis happens every day. As is the case in many industries, working passionately on your career can cause you to neglect your health. That’s what happened to Takeoff with Wellnesstory hosts Natasa and Jim as they tried to balance health with successful careers and family life. In this podcast, Natasa and Jim tell the story of how they turned it around and share straightforward tips on how you can, too. …. More about Wellnesstory:  ...  Read more