Turn off autopilot, Address your stress, Know your why

Takeoff with Wellnesstory by Wellnesstory

Episode notes
It’s time to introduce you to our signature TAKEOFF model – the seven step signature model of executive peak health and performance. In episode three, we’re unpacking the first three steps of the TAKEOFF model: Turn off autopilot, Address your stress, and Know your why. With Turn off autopilot, we’ll raise your awareness of whether autopilot habits are helpful or harmful, to move towards mindful actions and bringing consciousness to everyday habits. To Address your stress, we’ll talk through how to find a balance between useful stress that drives performance, and avoiding chronic stress that leads to burnout. And finally, with Know your why, we’ll emphasise how important it is to have a meaningful reason anchoring you throughout your wellness journey. Listen now to discover how these micro changes will lead to macro transformations  ...   ...  Read more