E98 - Get Busy

In this weeks episode, more asylum seekers and more asylum seekers.
May 17 2023

Welcome to the Static Podcast, I'm your host Anthony T. This is Episode 98.
Back once more for this Wednesday, May 17th, 2023.
Thanks for joining me.
Hope you are well.
And today we got a couple little distractions, but to continue off from last week, it kind
of deals with the same thing, the quote unquote asylum seekers, aka illegal immigrants flooding
into this country with the permission of the Biden administration.
Now the left is throwing around this word asylum seekers all over the place when they
are illegal immigrants.
Asylum, you know, I looked up the definition of asylum pertaining to immigration and says,
asylum is a form of protection which allows an individual to remain in the United States
instead of being removed, deported to a country where he or she fears persecution or ha

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