E97 - ASSylum

In this weeks episode I discuss the horrendous immigration problem.Visit https://Staticpodcast.net
May 09 2023

Welcome to the Static Podcast.
I'm your host Anthony T and this is Episode 97.
And I'm alive.
Thanks for joining me today on this Tuesday, May 9th, 2023.
It's been a while.
I actually got some time finally to get back into doing some podcasts.
Very busy.
Springtime, outside housework and such.
So the major topic for today, I will talk about our immigration problem.
And because it's just getting out of control, Title 42 is about to expire tomorrow and there's
actually a line of illegal immigrants waiting at the border to flood the country.
Now we have Texas taking these illegals and shipping them to sanctuary cities.
And all these sanctuary cities are pretty much democratic blue cities.
New York, San Francisco, LA and I think Denver, a couple of these other cities.
So in particular, I want

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