Episode 0: Beta Squad (Welcome To Hell)

Star Wars: Beta Squad by Meesa Hungry

Episode notes

True sons, daughters, and others of the Empire, REJOICE!!! His Imperial Majesty is pleased to present STAR WARS: BETA SQUAD, a serial podcast detailing the adventures of the continuously victorious stormtrooper unit known as Beta Squad. Our story begins in the halcyon days of The Empire (6 AFE). Will our boys in white triumph? WITHOUT FAIL!! ENEMIES OF THE EMPEROR - DIE!!!


Star Wars: Beta Squad, is an unlistenable table top role playing podcast played by a group of musicians, actors, and nerds in Austin, TX. Original Music written and composed by Nolan Potter (https://nolanpotter.bandcamp.com/) Narration by Grand Moff Talkin', aka Mateo Ervin (https://www.mateoervin ... 

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