04 - Peace cannot be protected | Interview

Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast by Sri Vast International Foundation

Episode notes

In the one-hour interview ‘Peace cannot be protected - A call for the awakening of humanity’, Guruji Sri Vast gives an all-embracing answer to one of the most important questions of humanity in this time – How can we build a world in true peace for everyone, without projecting enemies?

Guruji guides us in this interview in understanding the very root of conflict all the way to eye-opening perspectives at our individual and collective layers, applicable in all dimensions of life and society.

“We have to dream for peace with the whole humanity. One humanity. Unless and until we reach this one humanity, we will not have true peace. I am not talking about one world, one governance, one leader concept. No, that won’t work. I am talking about one human species on this planet, as the child of this Mother Earth. We have to move in that direct ... 

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