The Squadruplets Podcast

by The Squadruplets

5 friends come together to discuss their plethora of interests ranging from sports to religion to miscellaneous information. Join them on their ride of contagious laughter, sublime commentary and a no holds barred yet unorthodox approach in their episodic podcast.  

Podcast episodes

  • E03 - Battle of Khandaq Part I

    E03 - Battle of Khandaq Part I

    Belated Ramadan Kareem everyone. In the spirit of this blessed month, we decided to change it up a bit and talk about one of the great battles in Islamic history: the battle of the trench. This is a long episode divided into two p...

  • E02 - Animal Battle Royale

    E02 - Animal Battle Royale

    Cafe nights sometimes bring out the absolute most random parts of us. Join us in a very spirited debate to figure out which animal is the apex champion in a quadruple battle as the ultimate test of the battle of our wits. Think yo...

  • E01 - Men's Mental Health

    E01 - Men's Mental Health

    Men's Mental Health needs the importance it deserves, especially in the South Asian community. Given how important this issue is for general well-being and one's quality of life, the Squadruplets sit down and discuss the issue tha...