Sports Online

by Isaac Beasley

We are the God fearing, sports loving, fish brained trio that is Isaac, Samuel, and Porter. Join as we talk about anything that comes to mind such as Super Bowl halftime show or the correct way to make a drum rig

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • March Madness

    March Madness

    Its time to go crazyyyyy. March Madness is upon us and the guys discuss their brackets. Who will be the most accurate and who will throw in the towel early. Listen closely and follow along through march as we revisit and discuss our findings.

  • Champions League (part two)

    Champions League (part two)

    We're back for part two of the champions league. We are diving even deeper with many more episodes to come.

  • Sports Online: Ultra Marathon Update

    Sports Online: Ultra Marathon Update

    We hear back from our Mom and discuss the many difficulties of long distance running. The guys then continue to talk about the mental drive and strength in ultra marathons.

  • The Series of Goats: Episode 1

    The Series of Goats: Episode 1

    We bring to you the first episode of our debate series, The Series of Goats. James is introduced as the fourth sibling and we get to hear them talk about soccer and sports in general. Are there GOATS? Listen till the end to find out

  • Sports Online: Boats and Things

    Sports Online: Boats and Things

    The guys discuss how boats work and where they play into your fishing experience. Listen closely as they give insight on inshore vs outshore and what to do to maintain your boats pristine condition