Social Accountability ✨ with JettExplicit

by Jett

I am Jett, MSW, externally processing weekly with anyone willing to listen. New topics.. hoping to spark continued discussion!  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E11 - Hobbies and Interests

    S01 E11 - Hobbies and InterestsExplicit

    We find joy in the things we do or don’t do, so let’s build our confidence in consistency 💚 Enjoy this podcast about hobbies

  • S01 E10 - Todays Garden Fail

    S01 E10 - Todays Garden FailExplicit

    I am clearly in my feelings over this gardening story today, thank you for listening

  • S01 E09 - Financial Independence

    S01 E09 - Financial Independence Explicit

    I called AmericanExpress it was an emotional and insightful, still tryingFriendly reminder to be kind and compassionate this day and everyday

  • S01 E08 - SCOTUS : response?

    S01 E08 - SCOTUS : response?Explicit

    SCOTUS overturned ROE vs. Wade. That is a factual statement. The response from everyone is what is important. Our leadership needs to be held accountable.2022 Election Candidates | Orange County Supervisor of Elections (ocfelectio...

  • S01 E07 - Team Work

    S01 E07 - Team WorkExplicit

    My generation seems to believe that not working is a valid route to fight poor employers… find an employer who understands your worth! but work.. because progress ONLY comes from effort.