Smoke Break PodcastExplicit

by Garth West

3 guys, taking on the world. With some guests along the way. Need a laugh? I think you found one. Or two....Maybe 3 or 4.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 14TH DOSE

    14TH DOSE

    First episode of the week. Randy and Garth discuss Derek Chauvin Trial, Leadership, and accountability. "Do unto others, as you would them do to you:.

  • 13TH DOSE

    13TH DOSE

    THE RAMBLINGS CONTINUE broken computers, and films set the stage this week. Come Correct!

  • THE 12TH DO$E

    THE 12TH DO$E

    Doge coin believers? Damn right! Also included in this episode. A disagreement between Randy/Trevor. CC.



    We had some technical issues. Please enjoy this episode as Trevor is in the studio this week, and we still had a good time! Be Well, and as always come correct.

  • The Eleventh Dose

    The Eleventh Dose

    Randy/Garth talk about falling on hard times amongst other things. Including our flop last Wednesday with our first guest, and cylindrical objects flying over airplanes. See you there!