Seas the World

by Leanne De Leon

I am an undergraduate student studying marine biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and I want to create this platform to allow other students, grad and undergrad, as well as professors and researchers to be able to showcase their research and give advice.

Podcast episodes

  • Sharks Have Feelings Too

    Sharks Have Feelings Too

    I interview my good friend, Skylar Haynes, about her research experience in the HIMB shark lab studying the nurse shark and hammerhead behavior. She goes into her college experiences fresh and talks about her adversity.

  • The Awakening

    The Awakening

    This episode goes more into my own research background and my experiences. I talk about my experience in the Porter Vision Lab in Hawaii studying and extracting DNA from stomatopods.

  • The Polyp Stage

    The Polyp Stage

    Hello everyone and welcome to my channel! I’m so excited for you to hear the future episodes I have planned and I hope you enjoy learning a bit about myself! Thank you for listening and I hope to see you guys next time! My patreon is Seas the World!