#87 - Max Kaplan: Solana Validator Stake Weight QoS, Dev-Ops, Liquid Staking, Team Management

Scraping Bits by DeGatchi

Episode notes

Max Kaplan is a prominent figure in the Solana ecosystem, renowned for his contributions to validator operations, quality of service initiatives, liquid staking solutions, and team management. He has been at the forefront of discussions surrounding validator stake weight and QoS measures like the Timely Vote Credits proposal to incentivize validators to prioritize network performance. Recognizing the importance of decentralization, Kaplan has been involved in initiatives such as the Solana Foundation Delegation Program to promote liquid staking and distribute stake to a diverse set of validators. Beyond his technical contributions, he is known for his expertise in dev-ops and team management, sharing insights on optimizing validator operations, ensuring high uptime, and maintaining efficient infrastructure. Through his active participation in for ... 

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