Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E12 - Hidden Gems

    S02 E12 - Hidden GemsExplicit

    “SPOILER ALERT!!!“ In this episode of Say It How You Feel the fellas discuss some of the most mind-bending, earth-shattering, Different dimensional woke movies. Buckle up, this one takes us all down a trip of memory lane. From gre...

  • S02 E11 - WTF?!

    S02 E11 - WTF?!Explicit

    “Same shit just another day…” It’s safe to say we survived the pandemic of Covid-19… but one pandemic that is still taking lives here in the land of milk and honey is gun violence. More specifically Active Shooters. On this week’s...

  • S02 E10 - Me Time

    S02 E10 - Me TimeExplicit

    "You cannot have the word TIME without ME." On this week's installment of Say It How You Feel, the guys touch on something that is often overlooked in the lives of responsible adults. And that thing is "Me Time". The fellas speak ...

  • S02 E09 - He/She/Them, Disney, and a Witch

    S02 E09 - He/She/Them, Disney, and a WitchExplicit

    "We are confused just as much as you are." On this week's episode of Say It How You Feel, the fellas discuss how confusing (and contradictory at times) "I identify as" conversations can be. They also discuss big corporations' hidd...

  • S02 E08 - The Devil's Hashtag

    S02 E08 - The Devil's HashtagExplicit

    "Social Media is the Devil's playground." As always, you know this is Say It How You Feel, and so the fellas will do just THAT! In this high opinionated episode, Sai and Moe talk about everything from weird algorithms, to faking t...