Saving Salmon Podcast

by Atlantic Salmon Federation

Join hosts Charlie Schmidt and Caroline Losneck as they journey across the state of Maine speaking to scientists, historians, conservationists, and anglers about the fight to save wild Atlantic salmon in the United States. The Saving Salmon Podcast is a production of the Atlantic Salmon Federation with generous support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 1 - The Leaper

    Episode 1 - The Leaper

    Wild Atlantic salmon once thrived in the U.S. from Long Island Sound to the Canadian border. Today the species is hanging tough in a handful of Maine rivers. In Episode 1 Charlie and Caroline look at the life history of this incredible species and the factors driving survival.

  • Episode 2 - The Human Connection

    Episode 2 - The Human Connection

    People and wild Atlantic salmon have a relationship that reaches deep into history. From the first people, to the first settlers, to the first anglers taking this 'King of Fish' on tiny flies, wild Atlantic salmon have left an indelible mark on civilization, past and present.

  • Episode 3 - Recovery

    Episode 3 - Recovery

    Blocked by dams and harmed by pollution, wild Atlantic salmon in the United States have faced an uphill battle for centuries. Today, a dedicated corps of conservationists, scientists, and volunteers are re-opening rivers and keeping Maine's unique salmon populations alive. But can the species persist in the face of warming waters and a changing climate?