Real life, Alphabetically Explicit

by Malavika Kesavan, Nic Tyler

Real life is chaos. Join these decade-long friends (she's a doctor, he's... tall?) as they try to reclaim a bit of order by discussing their chaotic nonsense alphabetically. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E09 - Episode G

    S01 E09 - Episode GExplicit

    And we're (almost) back! This is the last of our pre-recorded content from before our collective lives detonated a bit, so listen with a 4-month grain of salt... This episode features a guest segment with Joe Novak, Nic's friend o...

  • S01 E08 - Deep Dive

    S01 E08 - Deep DiveExplicit

    And we're baaaaaack! Ok, we're not quite back yet. Believe it or not folks, real life has gotten in the way for a while. But RLA lives on! This episode was recorded 5 months ago, which feels pretty much like 5 years by now right? ...

  • S01 E07 - Episode F

    S01 E07 - Episode FExplicit

    Sound quality is good, guys! Updates:Onward was cute!Tiger King- WILL I LOVE IT?FriendshipWhy are we friends with people?F… is for Friends >> SpongeBob Steven Universe, Spongebob, Adventure Time, Batman, the animated series, The W...

  • S01 E06 - Episode E

    S01 E06 - Episode EExplicit

    Episode E NotesProduction value is IMPROVED. JUST WAIT UNTIL F, IT IS REALLY GOOD.The Mandalorian: Worth watching if you can shell out for Disney Plus.Audiobooks vs. Podcasts vs. Ebooks vs. real books: what do you guys thinks? Peo...

  • S01 E05 - Episode D (Part 2)

    S01 E05 - Episode D (Part 2)Explicit

    Welcome to Episode D, Part 2!Topics:Aliens Colonial MarinesAlison Roman’s cookie that broke the internet --> but to follow this up I've been in love with her cookbook Nothing Fussy!All the Lights We Cannot See by Anthony DoerrWond...