RevMatch PodcastExplicit

by RevMatch Podcast

An automotive podcast for the average enthusiast, by average enthusiasts. Join us as we talk about modifying our own vehicles, driving them, discuss our opinions, and generally be idiots.  

Podcast episodes

  • E30 - #30- Squad Show!

    E30 - #30- Squad Show!Explicit

    Timmy got wheels, Alex got aligned, Kyle got a misfire on the latest episode of the Revmatch Podcast!

  • E29 - #29- Dave from EQT

    E29 - #29- Dave from EQTExplicit

    Dave from equilibrium tuning joins us to talk tuning, AWD GLI's, drinking too much, wiring porn, and shop nicknames!

  • E28 - #28- The BrokeBoi SEMA Show

    E28 - #28- The BrokeBoi SEMA ShowExplicit

    Can't go to SEMA? Us either! We talk crazy builds, cool shit at SEMA, selling cars. new projects, and getting old.

  • E27 - #27- Kyle Gurny

    E27 - #27- Kyle Gurny @blackcat.racingExplicit

    We welcome another MQB chassis lover to the show! We chat about Kyle's journey to the 1.7 lateral G pulling track monster of a MK7 Golf R on the latest episode of the Revmatch Podcast!

  • E26 - #26- Squad Show!!

    E26 - #26- Squad Show!!Explicit

    Is new better, is old better? Is better worse or is worse better? Are there cars that shouldn't be modded? Where was Kyle? We tackle all these subjects and more on the latest episode of The Revmatch Podcast!