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by RevMatch Podcast

An automotive podcast for the average enthusiast, by average enthusiasts. Join us as we talk about modifying our own vehicles, driving them, discuss our opinions, and generally be idiots.  

Podcast episodes

  • E41 - #41- Stranger Things

    E41 - #41- Stranger ThingsExplicit

    How does a kid in the 80's drive a 7 series? Are race cars all destined to fail? Does Timmy have permanent short term memory loss? We answer none of these questions and more!

  • E40 - #40 - Kyle Gurny

    E40 - #40 - Kyle Gurny @blackcat.racingExplicit

    Kyle Gurney joins us again to talk about changes to the golf r, blowing up cars, track strategies around Road Atlanta, and general BS (would you have it any other way?)

  • E39 - #39- The Episode About Nothing

    E39 - #39- The Episode About NothingExplicit

    We take a break from EPA crackdowns and backyard builds and take it back to the old days of bsing about cars. We talk about the new Z pricing, the manual Supra and much more on this episode of the Revmatch Podcast!

  • E38 - #38 - Travis from Snail Performance

    E38 - #38 - Travis from Snail PerformanceExplicit

    We talk with Travis about the recent news around COBB's Project Green Speed, and what it means for Subaru enthusiasts and COBB customers as a whole.

  • E37 - #37 - Jordan Alatorre (@Scrapelux)

    E37 - #37 - Jordan Alatorre (@Scrapelux)

    From a front yard in Long Beach to the burnyard and more, Jordan joins us to talk about the custom work on his Toyota minitruck. (if you can even call it a Toyota anymore.) This and more on the latest episode of the Revmatch podca...