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Could ‘Carbon Bonds’ Mitigate Global Warming?

Reboot2030 by Nico Andreas Heller

Episode notes
Robert Litterman (US) in conversation with Nico Andreas Heller.According to Bob Litterman, many private investors are nervous about investing heavily in climate solutions, because they lack confidence that such investments will pay off. Governments might promise that fossil fuels and other carbon sources will be very expensive in the future, but they are notorious for saying one thing and then doing another.In economics, this is a well know problem and is referred to as time inconsistency (Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott won a Nobel Prize for their work on that). When it comes to climate change, investors apparently worry that governments might back away from their commitment to a high carbon price, if there’s a substantial political or indeed economic backlash ...   ...  Read more
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