Episode notes

A Reboot Special with John Davenport (US), Ali Al Hajj Sleiman (ML/Mali), and Roberto Castaldi (IT), moderated by Nico A. Heller.

Written constitutions, such as the American or the German Constitution, are treated often almost like divine texts or laws (timeless and eternal, written in stone), that can be referred to by anyone, but only a 'chosen few' (constitutional judges) are allowed to interpret them, when it comes to legal disputes.

Yet, all constitutions are products of their time and to maintain legitimacy sometimes need changing/reforming.

Kenya is a case in point: Following the post-election violence that broke out after the December 2007 presidential elections, a reform process was set in motion that led to the adoption of a new constitution in 2010, which contributed significantly to the stabilisation of Kenyan democr ... 

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