Round Table on AI and International Cooperation

Reboot2030 by Nico Andreas Heller

Episode notes

A Reboot Special with Yoshua Bengio (CA) and John Bunzl (UK), moderated by Nico A. Heller.

In this Reboot Special we talk about the strengths and limitations of current artificial intelligence, why it may become a dangerous instrument of disinformation, why superintelligent AI may be closer (years) than most previously expected (decades) and how this could yield to catastrophic outcomes - from AI-driven wars to the extreme risk of extinction. This in turn we argue motivates the need for international cooperation to avoid, for example, the catastrophic risks arising from AI arms races – or indeed from economic races, driven by similar self-destructive game-theoretical competition.

Participating in this virtual round table are Yoshua Bengio and John Bunzl. Yoshua is recognized worldwide as one of the leading experts in artificial intell ... 

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