S2022 E04 - Indoor Air: Tips and Tricks

Project N95 Presents by Project N95
Listen to "Project N95 Presents" from 10/26/2022, as we cover a variety of tips and tricks related to indoor air quality.We are joined by Joey Fox and John Volckens. Joey Fox is an HVAC Engineer and @O_S_P_E IAQ Advisory Group Chair. John Volckens is the director of the Center for Energy Development and Health at Colorado State University  ...  See more
Jan 10 2023

Anne Miller 0:12
Hello everyone, welcome to project n95s Twitter space on air quality and kind of practical ways to improve your indoor air quality. We are waiting for Caitlin who is my co host, but I don't want to keep you all waiting so hopefully everyone working the charms in the background can get Kaitlyn on here to help run this space. I'm really delighted to have Joey Fox and Dr. John volgens. Here to talk about practical aspects of indoor air quality. Joey Fox is a I would say h back engineer extraordinaire and is the chair of the indoor air quality advisory group with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and I see him occasionally at the Canadian aerosol transmission coalition meetings. Dr. volkens is a professional professor of mechanical engineering at Colorado State

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