S2022 E01 - Better Masks for Kids

Project N95 Presents by Project N95
Find the right face masks for your children to wear this school year.Listen to "Project N95 Presents" from 8/17/2022, as we cover topics such as mask regulations, types, fit, the public health policy perspective, and more.We are joined by Aaron Collins (AKA the Mask Nerd) and Julia Raifman. Julia is an Assistant Professor of Health Law Po  ...  See more
Jan 10 2023

Anne Miller 0:02
Hi, this is Ann Miller.

I'm executive director of Project n95. I'm a volunteer for the last two and a half years. I'm very excited that you all could join us today for a Twitter space on kids masks. There's a bunch of us here from Project n95. We're very thrilled to have Aaron Collins mask nerd and Julia Raifman policy expert to talk about keeping kids safe as they go back to school.

Thank you for having us. It's a pleasure to be here. Yes, thank you. Do you want to turn over

for some house keeping?

Katlyn Satterfield 0:44
Yes. Hi, everyone. My name is Katlyn. I'm also a volunteer here. Just some tips and some rules. If you're listening from your desktop, you aren't going to be able to hear but you're not going to be able to speak so if you'd like to switch to yo

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