Programme Notes

by Chamber Music New Zealand

From Chamber Music New Zealand, ‘Programme Notes’ is a tour of classical music from the central figures and ideas to the esoteric marginalia. Each episode relates to a Chamber Music New Zealand tour, pulling on some tantalising thread the concert programme offers, but what unravels stands alone too. Hosted by Clarissa Dunn, 'Programme Notes' is a podcast for the curious music lover. 
Music Commentary

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E04 - Gabriel Fauré and the belle époque Parisian Salon

    S01 E04 - Gabriel Fauré and the belle époque Parisian Salon

    The salon was an important environment for the Parisian artist, philosopher, poet, socialite and musician during the belle époque. A dapper young composer with a charismatic moustache could really rub elbows with the right people ...

    Jul 17 2021
    Jul 17 2021
  • S01 E03 - Musical Time

    S01 E03 - Musical Time

    Time is at the heart of the musical artform.It is measured in heartbeats, sentences, or the pragmatic click-clacking of a metronome. It dulls the monotony of the waiting room, or represents the cycling of the seasons. Music can wh...

    Jun 02 2021
    Jun 02 2021
  • S01 E02 - Night and Music

    S01 E02 - Night and Music

    What makes Beethoven’s famous sonata so moonlit? Why does a lullaby feel like a warm blanket? What are the ingredients of a nocturne? Aren’t crickets and frogs neat?There is a wealth of classical music about and of the night. The ...

    Mar 30 2021
    Mar 30 2021
  • S01 E01 - Schoenberg: looking back, looking forward

    S01 E01 - Schoenberg: looking back, looking forward

    Verklärte Nacht ('Transfigured Night') is a piece that sits at a series of divides.Written at the end of the 19th century and first performed at the beginning of the 20th. Composed by a young Arnold Schoenberg, toast of Vienna, bu...

    Mar 02 2021
    Mar 02 2021