S01 E08 - S01E08[#008] - Shen Yun

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine
Today we reflect on yesterday's live orchestration and dance performance of Shen Yun (self ascribed as: China Before [oppressive] Communism. We review the meaning of the performance and its importance, message and everlasting impact in contrast to the survive vs. thrive mentality we ever-increasingly live by. The real quest to exercise to  ...  See more
Mar 13 2023

Hey Everybody ! And welcome back to the PolyChromatic Podcast. I think we're on now episode eight of this cast. Today is March 12th, 2023. My name is Zach, Co-host, along with my mom, Elaine and I were coming to you today and in response to a performance that we saw just this weekend. Actually, yesterday. Yesterday was really quite a special day for both. Sack. And I mean, it was the first thing we've really done together since I moved back here. But even for the past, probably. Oh, I'd say, ah, three four years. We haven't spent a day doing this. And it was a really enjoyable day. I kind of felt like we were getting back into life again. Yeah, it's. It's very strange. The thing. The closest thing I can compare it to, and I think we agree that it felt this way is it feels like similar to w

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