S01 E07 - S01E07[#007] - Is Opening the Door to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Going to Destroy Us?

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine
Today we discuss conceptualizing AI, what harnessing the power of AI means for our future, social policies, our very way of life and what exists on the horizon. In this Q&A/discovery-style podcast provide examples along with discussing the pros/cons of humanity's large-scale adoption of this new advent of technology. Just how how far will  ...  See more
Mar 06 2023

Everybody ! And welcome back to the seventh episode of the polyChromatic Podcast. I'm your co-host, Zach, along with co-host Elaine, Zack's mom, and Oh my gosh, really... Seven. It's looking that way. Actually, it's eight. Well, we've got. We're losing count already. Yeah, it's already eight, twenty four on Sunday. Where'd this week go ? You know what ? I really had planned, as you had as well, to do another podcast mid week. And it just didn't happen. And we're going. Whoa, We gotta really get back into this because we're enjoying it so much in my week. Seems kind of empty without it. Yeah, I'd say so. It's so crazy how time definitely gets away from us. So all right. So anyways, Yeah, today we went to church and we went grocery shopping. So now we've got a full fridge full of food again,

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