S01 E05 - S01E05[#005] - Unfiltered Special - Let's Talk Part 1

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine

Real and unfiltered look into the lives of co-hosts elaine and zach.

Feb 20 2023

Hey everybody, Welcome to a special Polychromatic podcast session. It is Sunday, February nineteenth and we are here one to let you know we're. You're probably hearing this on Monday because we're going to actually release it automatically released on Monday, just because it's going to be the start of the week for you guys. Kind of unexpected. We already did a podcast yesterday, so this is kind of a special treat for you guys right now. Additionally, we are not actually taught. We don't really have a topic today. The topic is Let's talk, Let's talk about us so you can get guys can get to know us a little bit better naturally. And so it's going to be just kind of a free form. Whatever you want to talk about, but I thought to get us started, we would maybe read off our horoscopes. Absolutely

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