S01 E04 - S01E04[#004] - Human Connection in the Modern Day

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine

The topic today is connection, the importance of connection in our well-being and how it's tied to the underlying security in our functioning.

Feb 19 2023

And welcome back to the Polychromatic Podcast ! I am your host, Zach, along with my co - host, Elaine Filing. Isaac, How are you doing today ? Good, Good. What do you think of the snow ? You know, I'm not a huge fan of it's. You know, we've honestly been getting pretty mild winters, all things considered. Not not since you've moved back. But you know, for the past two years prior. Has been pretty mild. But looks like we're back to the normal, you know, snow and snow out. Yeah, except I gotta say, this long term cold snap we've had. I don't remember it being this cold ever. And I've lived in Colorado for so many years and honestly, it's been really cold. It has been in the biggest problem. The thing I have the biggest problem with snow wise, and is that it doesn't offer any time for the oth

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