S01 E02 - S01E02[#002] - Interplay Between Procrastination + Overwhelm

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine
Elaine and Zach discuss the irrational thoughts and behaviors that stem from Procrastination and Overwhelm, their interplay, and strategies for overcoming these thoughts and obstacles. The goal is to gain perspective, and develop some tools to guide your though processes from irrational to rational, all the while transforming reactivity t  ...  See more
Feb 11 2023

Welcome everyone to episode two of the Polychromatic Podcast. I'm loving this ! This is so exciting ! I'm after the first one. I just wanted to keep doing them over and over again. And so we're really excited to be here and we hope that you'll enjoy this. And something that we have wanted to do for a very long time. Were very. Actually pretty proud that last episode there was zero percent pro post production work that went into that. We just ended up just posting that right up. So we're hoping that we'll have the same look this time where we have to do anything post production wise, and hopefully we actually get a good outcome from this. You know, I guess if we're going to run out of luck eventually, but for the time being we're okay. I realized last time I did not introduce my co - host b

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