Cannabis Plant Therapy LiveExplicit

by Ray and Pothier

Weekly live discussion covering all things cannabis related. We talk about everything from growing/growroom setup, outdoor, equipment, and the list goes on! Please join us each week as we explore something new all the time. We will have a few laughs along the way as well! Visit us at our website: We have links to our socials, and we post updates, with pictures, and contests to come! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E14 - Inside The Outdoor

    S03 E14 - Inside The OutdoorExplicit

    Tonight we celebrate our 5K milestone! This episode is all about outdoor, as we wrap up season 3! Spoilers for season 4 as well!

  • S03 E13 - Cannabis Moonrocks - A High that's out of this World

    S03 E13 - Cannabis Moonrocks - A High that's out of this WorldExplicit

    Tonight we talk about the almighty cannabis moonrock. You are not going to want to miss this episode! Big updates from the team on their grows, and harvest updates! #diablonutrients #sf4000 #planttherapylive

  • S03 E12 - How To Make Hash (Full Melt)

    S03 E12 - How To Make Hash (Full Melt)Explicit

    Tonight we reveal a record breaking day!! Pothier's plants got too big for his tent, Ray recommends he cut holes in the floor! What did he do? What would you do? We also break down how to make bubble hash, and not the crappy stuff...

  • S03 E11 - Straining The Senses

    S03 E11 - Straining The SensesExplicit

    Tonight we celebrate a download milestone! Join us as Pothier get's a chance to sniff some jars, as we try to identify the terpenes in his home grown cannabis! We provide brief descriptions on terpene attributes! #diablonutrien...

  • S03 E10 - How To Make Oil (RSO)

    S03 E10 - How To Make Oil (RSO)Explicit

    Tonight it's all excitement commercially! Lot's of updates on the commerical grow, and the rebuilding phase. Tonight we talk about one of our Cannabis Idols, Rick Simpson, and the oil re-discovery that made him famous! #unleasht...