Physiology First University

by David Bidler

Join David Bidler for short, powerful lessons on the power of your mind and body.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Science of Sleep

    The Science of Sleep

    This episode dives into the science of sleep, revealing why it's the hidden superpower behind peak performance. We'll explore how sleep fuels your brain and body, unlocking your full potential for mental clarity and physical energy. But this isn't just a lecture – we'll equip you with actionable strategies to improve your sleep hygiene. By mastering this key element, you'll transform your ability to rest into an ability to rock. So, get ready to unlock your secret weapon – and start sleeping your way to optimal health.

  • The Science of Motivation

    The Science of Motivation

    In this episode, we deep dive with David to explore the very essence of motivation. We'll crack open the history books to understand where the word itself comes from, then journey into the fascinating world of brain and body processes that fuel our desire to thrive. But this episode isn't just about understanding – it's about action! This episode will equip you with simple, yet powerful, skills to boost your motivation and unlock a whole new level of potential within yourself. So, get ready to maximize your brainpower and ignite that inner fire – it all starts here!

  • Introduction




    Get ready to deep dive into the fascinating world of your own body and mind. Your host, David Bidler, is here to equip you with powerful yet accessible tools to achieve peak mental and physical wellbeing. This first episode sets the stage for the exciting journey ahead. David will unveil the inspiration behind the Physiology First podcast and explain why understanding the intricate workings of your brain and body is the most valuable skill you can acquire in the 21st century. So, buckle up and get ready to unlock the secrets to optimal health!