Petrified Fiend

by Petrified Fiend

Prepare to have your spine chilled and your imagination stirred by "Petrified Fiend," the groundbreaking short story podcast that plunges you headfirst into the darkest corners of horror and fantasy. With a wicked sense of storytelling, this podcast doesn't just narrate scary stories; it invites you, the listener, to become a character in the tales that will haunt your dreams.

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Podcast episodes

  • Enchanted Madness

    Enchanted Madness

    "Enchanted Madness" is a chilling and captivating tale set in the heart of the whimsical "Enchanted Dreams" theme park. Follow Lia, a young performer who becomes Princess Penelope, the park's beloved mascot, as she navigates a descent into madness within the park's seemingly enchanting world.

  • Share to go Viral

    Share to go Viral

    A girl named Lily watches a TikTok video promising viral fame, excited by the prospect of popularity. After sharing the video, her social media account rapidly gains followers, but an eerie consequence unfolds. The story explores the haunting price of online fame, as she becomes an urban legend, forgotten by the world she once knew.

  • The Haunted DJ

    The Haunted DJ

    In the chilling tale of "The Haunted DJ," a fearless DJ named Serenity books a Halloween party at a cursed mansion for her headlining performance. Unbeknownst to her, as midnight strikes, her laptop begins playing a haunting tune, and her audience transforms into malevolent spirits. Trapped in a time loop, she is forced to perform for the undead, with escape perpetually out of reach. The mansion's curse claims her, and she becomes a spectral presence, endlessly playing her set in a never-ending night of macabre revelry, lost to the world of the living.

  • A Shadow in the Corner

    A Shadow in the Corner

    In the story, a malevolent shadow lurks in the corners of dark rooms, using its ability to mimic the voices of loved ones to draw unsuspecting victims closer. As it entices them with the promises of familiarity, those who approach are ensnared by the shadow and disappear forever into its inky void. The shadow's insatiable hunger for human souls leaves only haunting echoes of its victims behind, forever haunting the survivors. This tale serves as a chilling reminder that some secrets are best left undisturbed, and that lurking in the corners of the world are malevolent forces waiting to prey upon the unwary.