Perseverance: The Parent Pandemic Pedagogy Podcast

by Turning the Page

Turning the Page, a nonprofit family educational engagement program in Chicago, IL and Washington, D.C., brings you Perseverance, a podcast where we share and connect the voices and stories of parents persevering through at-home learning while we stay home to stay safe.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Perseverance - Chandrea from Sumner

    Perseverance - Chandrea from Sumner

    Meet Chandrea, a parent leader from Charles Sumner Math and Science Community Academy in North Lawndale. Chandrea describes how she keeps her 1st grader engaged in sustained learning, sings her favorite techno ABC song, discusses her family's laptop-sharing challenges, and embraces her no-time-for-lotion, ashy quarantine lifestyle in all its glory.