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by Tucana

Exploring the use of people data to drive business success, and how technology, policy, macroeconomics, and social trends impact how businesses collect and use workforce data.

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  • Causation, Data-Based Decisions, and Career Pathing

    Causation, Data-Based Decisions, and Career Pathing

    In this insightful episode, Cole Napper, VP of People Analytics at Orgnostic, converses with Vincent Greco, Director of Data Science for People Analytics at Shopify. They unravel the complexities of causality, data-based decision-making, and career paths in People Analytics, whilst also shedding light on Shopify's unique organisational structure.IntroductionCole Napper sets the stage for an exploration into key themes like causality, data-based decisions, and career pathing in People Analytics. The Role of CausalityVincent delves into the critical importance of causality in People Analytics, offering real-world examples. Data-Based Decision-MakingThe dialogue turns to the nuances of being data-informed versus data-led, a cornerstone in People Analytics. Career Pathing in People AnalyticsVincent provides actionable advice for career development in People Analytics, emphasising the importance of a diverse skill set. Unique Organisational Structure at ShopifyVincent discusses the distinctiveness of Shopify's organisational structure, where People Analytics sits within the Product and Design function. This offers a unique lens through which to view data-based decision-making in the workplace. The episode leaves us with several important learnings. Understanding causality is not just academic; it has real-world implications for how we interpret data and make decisions. The discussion also highlights the value of being data-informed rather than solely data-led, a nuance that can significantly impact organisational outcomes. Lastly, the unique placement of People Analytics within the Product and Design function at Shopify serves as a thought-provoking example of how different organisational structures can influence the role and impact of analytics. These insights are invaluable for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of People Analytics and its practical applications.