Penny for a Tale

by Mitchell Wallace

Showcasing new and upcoming table top role playing games with live plays, interviews, and talk shows! 

Podcast episodes

  • Liminal Live Play

    Liminal Live Play

    We play the new game Liminal!

    Jul 26 2019
    Jul 26 2019
  • Kult Divinity Lost's The Black Madonna

    Kult Divinity Lost's The Black MadonnaExplicit

    We play the epic campaign for Kult

    Jul 25 2019
    Jul 25 2019
  • Over the Edge Live Play

    Over the Edge Live PlayExplicit

    We dive into Over the Edge!

    Jul 24 2019
    Jul 24 2019
  • Interview with Jonathan Tweet

    Interview with Jonathan TweetExplicit

    Interview with Jonathan Tweet writer for D&D 3rd Edition and Over the Edge.

    Jul 24 2019
    Jul 24 2019
  • Interview with Darcy Ross

    Interview with Darcy RossExplicit

    Interview with Darcy Ross community manager at Monte Cook Games!

    Jul 24 2019
    Jul 24 2019