"One Thing About Us..."Explicit

by Caitlyn, Ally and Akira

We're three educated women who discuss the world of today from pop culture to social issues. Here's a safe space to make you laugh, think, and reflect, but most importantly make you feel something. One thing about us, we're going to keep you entertained.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Family Reunion


    Family Reunion


    At the family reunion, who we introducing… In this week's episode we have two special guests, Jaadir and Cody, who are the cousins of our very own Caitlyn! We appreciate their perspectives on transitions in life, young adulthood, and what it means to find your own life path. Our guests provide insight on the meaning of family and generational differences of culture. Listen in as we laugh and reflect on our experiences and, as always, give you all a little preaching advice ✨ One thing about us… we are family!

  • Aaand Welcome Back!


    Aaand Welcome Back!


    Season 2 is finally here!! We are so excited to be back with the “One Thing About Us” podcast! In our first episode of the season, we update you all on what we have been up to, and we are setting new goals for ourselves! From recent life events, we wanted to discuss the importance of women’s safety. Whether in public or at home, we reflect on safety precautions and the reality of being a woman in today’s society. One thing about us… we want you to be safe! Happy Season 2 everyone! Thank you for tuning in!

  • Season 1

  • Nostalgia




    In this week's episode, listen in as we wrap up Season 1 with a little reflection on life from the eyes of a 90's baby! We reflect on the TV shows and movies that made our childhood. One thing about us… we are going to reminisce✨ Thank you guys so much for tuning in every week and supporting us. Make sure to catch up on all of Season 1 before the Season 2 premiere on Wednesday, April 5th!

  • International Women's Day

    International Women's Day

    We are celebrating International Women's Day by celebrating successful women in the media industry! In this week's episode, we are joined by special guest Molly Kessler, Associate Producer of ABC's "The View". Join us in our conversation of women empowerment, work-life balance, and the women in our lives who inspire us! You can also catch our conversation with Molly on our new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

  • No Means No


    No Means No


    🛑 TW: This episode contains the topic of sexual assault and domestic violence. Listeners: please be advised In this week's episode, we continue the discussion of healing the inner child. This conversation goes in depth with personal experiences of childhood trauma. This is a safe space for all and we invite you to process, cry, and heal with us. After last week's episode, we are amazed by the incredible support from you all One thing about us… we’ll continue to grow and heal, together ✨