Nother Mother PodcastExplicit

by Dana Benwell

Nother Mother is a podcast created for Blended Families to talk, learn and laugh through this unpredictable life we’re living together. Your host, Dana Benwell, is a Bonus Mom to an 11 year old girl and Bio Mom to a 7 year old boy and has oftentimes felt very misunderstood in regards to living the step parent life. Dana is a Mom who puts her heart and soul into parenting both children equally. Sometimes it seems as though she’s... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E01 - The Role of a Modern Day Stepmom

    S01 E01 - The Role of a Modern Day StepmomExplicit

    This episode discusses the ups and downs and intricate emotions of what a modern day step mom goes through on a daily basis. In your role, have you ever felt confused, judged, or misunderstood? Have you ever wondered if your feeli...