Episode notes
This is our first episode where we decided not to name the coffee company! Our entire podcast is based on giving no bad reviews to whatever coffee we try. There are companies out there that hold ideologies that we can only give bad reviews to so we purposefully avoid the products of those coffee companies. For today’s episode, Steph’s partner was social media advertised a coffee that is for the Alpha Male. Of course Steph thought this was hilarious (both as a recommendation for her partner and as a premise for a coffee company) so we bought it and Steph got to work researching. By the time recording day came, Steph decided she should tell the story before we identify the company and then we decide what to do after she’s told us all. In the end, we decided not to name the company. This company isn’t as problematic as it could be, and we do have some  ...   ...  Read more
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