Cheese Flavored Flavor Coffee + History of Cheese

No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast by No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast

Episode notes
This week’s episode is all about words that should never go together: coffee + cheese flavored. When we first started, cheese flavored coffee was suggested to us by our friend and owner of Ten Drops Coffee. So we had to buy it but Jenni hid it away while Steph and Marcus forgot about it. Then Jenni learned a crazy fact that she had to share with the world and decided to get the cheese flavored coffee out of hiding.In this episode, we learn about the history of cheese, interesting facts about rennet, and a little bit about Iceland. We then try this cheese flavored coffee from ZooScape LLC, the proud distributor of over 7,500 weird ass food products. Cheese Flavored Guatemalan Coffee:  ...  Read more
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