E03 - Copper Cow Lavender Coffee

No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast by No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast
In this week's episode we try a little uppers and downers in this Vietnamese coffee mixed with lavender flowers from Copper Cow Coffee. Debbie Wei Mullin, founder of startup Copper Cow Coffee, is on a mission to spread her love of Vietnamese culture with America and change the way we think about coffee.Listen to find out how we feel about  ...  See more
Feb 15 2022

Lavender Coffee
Tue, 2/15 5:00AM CST • 42:41
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Hello and welcome to no bad reviews colon a coffee podcast, a podcast where three friends and coworkers try coffee, any coffee and we will give no bad reviews. I am Jenni and I manage all of the operations at a coffee company. It happens to be called Modest Coffee, but that's not a big deal.

Marcus Contaldo. That’s my last name and I

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