My Favorite HauntingExplicit

by Mel & Ames

Two best friends sit down to have conversations about haunted places, the history behind them, and a lot of rambling about unrelated things along the way. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • S05 E06 - 56 - Cats'N'Covid

    S05 E06 - 56 - Cats'N'CovidExplicit

    56 - Cats’N’CovidWe’re goofy and have some cat news, if you’re interested. If you’re not, scrub up to 12:12 to get straight into the nitty gritty!Calcasieu Courthouse, Calcasieu, LALogan Inn, New Hope, PAFair warning: at 46:42, we...

    May 05 2021
    May 05 2021
  • S05 E05 - 55 - Meat Muffins

    S05 E05 - 55 - Meat MuffinsExplicit

    Ames tried something new in covering the ghost of Elivs Presley and Mel has the creepy Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, AZ. To skip over non-ghostly things, scrub up to 9:18While you're here, check out our socials!FB: My Favorite H...

    Mar 01 2021
    Mar 01 2021
  • S05 E04 - 54 - Indiana Jones: Ghost Hunter

    S05 E04 - 54 - Indiana Jones: Ghost HunterExplicit

    Episode 54 has you learning about the Pittock Mansion (The Happiest Haunted House on Earth!) and the Shanghai Tunnels (not quite as happy of a place), both in Portland, OR.We jabber on about unrelated things until 5:29, so if you ...

    Feb 05 2021
    Feb 05 2021
  • S05 E03 - 53 - A Baseball Bat, Not A Flappy Bat

    S05 E03 - 53 - A Baseball Bat, Not A Flappy Bat Explicit

    Frontier Field in Rochester, NY (GO WINGS!) and Lee Williams High School (GO VOLUNTEERS!) in Kingman, AZ.Ghosts start at 2:10.Rate, review, subscribe and follow us on social media!Twitter and IG: @myfavhaunting Find us on Facebook...

    Jan 04 2021
    Jan 04 2021
  • S05 E02 - 52 - If I'm Talking, I'm Ad Libbing

    S05 E02 - 52 - If I'm Talking, I'm Ad LibbingExplicit

    This episode we explore the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St Joseph, MO and Malvern Manor in Malvern, IA.The audio is better than the last episode, but it has its moments, so listen with caution. We start talking about ghosts at 2:4...

    Dec 02 2020
    Dec 02 2020