Episode 10: Luka Magnotta Part 1, The Post-Modern Mirror Maze of the Internet

Murder Coaster by Christa Carmen and Matthew Brockmeyer

Episode notes

Prepare to enter the dark and perplexing mirror maze of Luka Magnotta with the first of our two episode deep dive.

There is no greater modern freak show than the internet, and this is the realm where Luka Magnotta worked, using thousands of fake accounts to promote himself as a model, gay porn star, murderer and necrophile.

Magnotta's crimes and the subsequent media frenzy captured the attention of the world. We examine the cultural impact of the case, exploring how the digital age and the relentless pursuit of fame intertwine with criminal behavior.

We also delve into the depths of Luka Magnotta's psyche, studying his life as a child, and the psychological factors that may have influenced his actions, hoping to shed light on the intricate web of motivations and behaviors that drive someone to commit  ... 

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