BONUS: STARKWEATHER An Interview with Award-Winning Author Harry N MacLean

Murder Coaster by Christa Carmen and Matthew Brockmeyer

Episode notes

New York Times bestselling, Edgar Award winning author Harry N MacLean joins us to discuss his new true crime book STARKWEATHER: The Untold Story of the Killing Spree That Changed America.

In late 1957 and early 1958 nineteen-year-old Charles Starkweather went on a spree of crime and murder through the American heartland, much of it accompanied by his fourteen-year-old girl friend Caril Ann Fugate, that would leave eleven dead, including Caril’s own parents and toddler sister.

The crimes sent shock waves throughout the world and became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring numerous films and songs, including Natural Born Killers, Badlands, and the song "Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen.

Most saw them as a murderous and callous Romeo and Juliet, hellbent juvenile delinquents in love, both complicit. Starkweath ... 

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