Episode 19: Amusement Park Murder and Terror

Murder Coaster by Christa Carmen and Matthew Brockmeyer

Episode notes

Every abandoned place is haunted, if not by the ghosts of the dead, then by the relics of the past. And no place appears more eerie and forlorn than the abandoned amusement park.

Today we will be covering two abandoned and haunted amusement parks.

First there's the Rocky Point Amusement Park in Rhode Island.

Most locals scoff at the supposed Gypsy curse that's said to be upon Rocky Point Amusement Park, but there can be no denying the strange events that have happened there, including suicide and murder most foul.

In 1893 Frank Sheffield, an opium addict prescribed cocaine by his doctor, took his five-year-old daughter to Rocky Point Amusement Park for their world-famous clam cakes, and by the shore of the bay, caved her head in with a rock for seemingly no reason.

Bizarre occurrences would continue to  ... 

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