Episode 13 Elizabeth Bathory: Vampiric Blood Countess or Iron-fisted Matriarch?

Murder Coaster by Christa Carmen and Matthew Brockmeyer

Episode notes

The legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory has inspired countless horror movies and heavy metal bands. This enigmatic woman has come to be seen by modern culture as a vampiric monster obsessed with youth and beauty who bathed in the blood of virgin servant girls as a means of staying young.

Yet there is no historical record of this and these bizarre accusations came a hundred years after her death.

History does show us a cruel and sadistic widow who ruled her empire with an iron fist and delighted in the torture of her servants, yet some historians claim even this isn't true, and that she is completely innocent of these crimes. They claim she was the victim of a complex geopolitical conspiracy.

So which is it? Murderess Blood Countess or innocent victim of a conspiracy?

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